Garage Door Maintenance

At CO Garage Pros We Are The Best When It Comes To Maintaining Your Garage Door! If you have a garage door that is not broken but needs some TLC, then give us a quick call, we will give you a free estimate and send out a tech within 30 minutes of your call!

We will Come to your Garage Door and inspect it for and safety issues, rusted metal or cables, broken tracks, non-responsive garage door opener and we will repair or replace all of your broken items!

Lubrication – We apply lubricant to all of the areas that pull the garage doors, all the wheels, hinges, locks and tracks.

Reversing Mechanism Test (Automatic Garage Doors) – This is a test that looks at your edge sensors; if something is in the way of the sensor the garage door should raise back up when trying to close.

Photo Eye Test – If there is something in the way of your photo eyes when the garage is trying to close, it will just raise back up! So we come in and correctly clean your photo eyes and make sure your garage door completely closes.

Force Setting Test – This is a test where we see if your garage door is closing with the downward force of the garage door itself.

Garage Door Balance Test – We see if your garage door is unbalanced (ie. the left side is higher than the right). We adjust your springs and pulleys so that the door is level with the ground.

Our Service Areas:

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