Garage Door Opener Installation

At CO Garage Pros we are the best garage door replacement company in all of Colorado! We offer same day service and carry a wide range of parts for your opener brand; we can even suggest a different brand for you to replace it with.

Garage door not opening? The reason could be that your opener is malfunctioning for a very simple reason that you can fix yourself. This could be due to many different issues, small and large. Your Garage Door Opener may cease to work over time. If this happens call CO Garage Pros today and get a free estimate!

If you think your garage door opener is not working properly, then follow these steps before calling CO Garage Pros. This way we can help you even quicker!

1. Garage door opener does not operate with either remote or wall switch –

This is usually due to the power source being disrupted. You should make sure the motor is plugged in correctly to the wall. Then check that power is being supplied to the unit by checking the circuit breaker and seeing if the fuse is working properly.

2. The garage door won’t open or close with the remote control –

(a) You may be out of range so move closer to the device.

(b) Make sure that the antenna on the opener is hanging down.

(c) Check the battery in the remote control.

(d) Attempt to reprogram the remote following the instructions in the user manual.

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